Marketing for Changemakers

Marketing for Changemakers

#07 How to Create Stories that are Aligned with Your Personality and Your Senses

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Caitlin Flannery has been working for the Blue Ocean Network for the last year, which is mainly an online blog and networking community for people that are making changes in the ocean community. They talk about uncommon ocean leaders, sustainable tourism and how you can affect the ocean in a positive way. She is also involved in her own project called ‘The Sustainable Tourist’ that aims to combine tourism with sustainability. She is a master in content creation and an expert of storytelling and will share her wisdom and main insights with you in today’s episode.


Feeling Sticks

As a purpose-driven brand you have to educate your audience through storytelling and by creating emotions. It is the feeling what sticks with people. By telling them stories that move and inspire, you can encourage them to rethink their behaviour to a more conscious one. If you only share the naked facts and don’t wrap them into a story, no one will resonate with it.

Involve Yourself

To create positive feelings in your customers, involve yourself further in your target industry in a virtual and non-virtual way. Talk to your audience on a deeper level, learn from them and try to fully understand them. You can’t create emotions in people that are like strangers to you.

The Details Matter

If you create a story, concentrate on the details and bring them to life. For example, if you want to describe a picture of a sea shell, describe it in a way that your audience can see it, feel it and hear it. Put those feelings created in your writing to make it stick.

Express Personal Ethics

With every story you create, you should express your personal ethics. Every content you create has to be aligned with your values to make it strong. Be authentic to yourself and your voice. By doing this you also free yourself in a way from external factors like the change of an algorithm on Facebook or Instagram.



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