Marketing for Changemakers

Marketing for Changemakers

Intro Marketing for Changemakers

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Über diesen Podcast

Are you a social entrepreneur and want to improve the world with your business? In this case, you need an excellent marketing strategy that fits your project and your values!

Every Tuesday you will get a bunch of ideas and tips at #marketingforchangemakers that you can implement directly. Get inspired by interesting interviews with experienced social entrepreneurs and marketing experts and learn from their successes and mistakes. I will also share helpful tools and strategies with you that will boost your marketing.

My goal is to help you spread the word about your business and bring your solutions into the world to have an impact. In my opinion, we as entrepreneurs have responsibility for society and the environment. We should all live by this rule and make sure that more and more exciting and innovative projects prevail on the market and create a difference.
I wish you a lot of fun listening to my podcast!

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