Marketing for Changemakers

Marketing for Changemakers

#12 Strategies on How Purpose-Driven Brands can Use Content Marketing for Success

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In this episode I talk with Monisha Bajaj, social entrepreneur and content marketing expert. She is the founder of the non-profit organization 'Ruam Chay' that runs interpersonal violence prevention programs and at the same time works as a freelance marketing strategist. She helps purpose-driven businesses to improve their content marketing by planning, organizing and creating digital content for them.
In our interview we talk about the importance of creating messaging strategies, the way you should use content marketing asa social enterprise and the challenge that we often speak to multiple audience segments. Enjoy it :)

#11 The Challenges of Social Entrepreneurs and how they can Leverage their Impact.

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Today I talk with my guest Leslie Ng about the main challenges social entrepreneurs are facing. She is a mindset and business coach for conscious business owners and mainly works with new and aspiring entrepreneurs and helps them get clarity around their business vision. Leslie is very passionate about women who want to build ethical businesses and shape our world for a better future.
In this episode you will learn about the difficulties of social entrepreneurship, how you can have an impact besides just donating money and what kind of impact business models are existing.

#10 The Importance of Personal Branding as a Social Entrepreneur

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My guest today is Liz Grossman from Baobab Consulting. She is an entrepreneur and works with world leaders and Changemakers on the African continent and around the world to scale their impact, sharpen their brand and amplify their voices. She has spent multiple years studying, working and living in Sub-Saharan Africa and her aim is to bridge the divides between cultures. In this episode we are talking about the elements of personal branding, the fears and limited beliefs that come with it, typical mistakes and hoe to develop your right and own voice.

#9 How to Set Up a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign for Social Entrepreneurs

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This week I have Jes Bailey from Crowdfund 360 on my show. She helps purpose-driven businesses to set up successful crowdfunding campaigns by taking them step by step through the whole strategic and creative process. She offers full-service packages, workshops and online training to her clients. Jes’ aim with Crowdfund 360 is to empower people to increase their social impact. In today's’ episode we are talking about the elements of a good crowdfunding campaign, different campaign types, strategy building and much more. If you plan or think about setting up a crowdfunding campaign for your own business, you should definitely listen to this episode. I hope you can learn a lot from this interview :)

#8 How to Use Social Media to Create Social Good

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I had the great chance to interview Brittney Pickett and Caitlin Cooke from Glass Cliff Divas for today's episode. They run a boutique digital marketing agency that focusses on impact initiatives and social enterprises. Besides that, they also founded the platform 'Bossi Women' where they highlight strong and amazing women who change our world with their unique businesses.

In this episode, we mainly talk about social media marketing and how you can use it effectively as a social entrepreneur. Brittney and Caitlin are sharing a lot of helpful advice, do's and don'ts and easy to implement steps that help you build a successful social media strategy for your purpose-driven business. Enjoy listening :)

#07 How to Create Stories that are Aligned with Your Personality and Your Senses

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Today's guest is Caitlin Flannery, a master in content creation and expert of storytelling. She has been working for 'The Blue Ocean Network' and managed their online content. She is also the founder of 'The Sustainable Tourist' and aims to combine tourism with a sustainable approach.

In this episode she will share her advice on how to create messages that create emotions in your audience and how you can express your personality in it. She also talks about using all your senses to bring a story to life and gives insights on how she structures herself and what tools she uses. Enjoy listening :)

#5 How to Get Started with Building a Community for Your Brand

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The guest in today's episode is Mariel Jumpa, the founder of Slow Fashion World - a community for conscious creatives that want to empower slow fashion visionaries.

Mariel will share her experiences and tips on how to build a thriving community for your business. We will also talk about community building as a marketing tool and why it is so important in today's world and especially for Social Entrepreneurs.

#4 Warum Werte die Grundlage für ein erfolgreiches Marketing sind

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Das heutige Thema ist eines, welches mir ganz besonders am Herzen liegt und welches meiner Meinung nach viel zu viele Unternehmer/Innen und Start Ups links liegen lassen oder gern erstmal überspringen: das Thema Unternehmenswerte

Jeder gute Unternehmer und jede gute Unternehmerin sollte wie aus der Pistole geschossen sagen können, warum ihr Business existiert und auf welchen Werte es basiert. In der heutigen Podcastfolge erkläre ich dir, warum das so wichtig ist und wie du dir Schritt-für-Schritt eine Werteliste für dein Business erstellst. Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß :)

About this podcast

Are you a social entrepreneur and want to improve the world with your business? In this case, you need an excellent marketing strategy that fits your project and your values!

Every Tuesday you will get a bunch of ideas and tips at #marketingforchangemakers that you can implement directly. Get inspired by interesting interviews with experienced social entrepreneurs and marketing experts and learn from their successes and mistakes. I will also share helpful tools and strategies with you that will boost your marketing.

My goal is to help you spread the word about your business and bring your solutions into the world to have an impact. In my opinion, we as entrepreneurs have responsibility for society and the environment. We should all live by this rule and make sure that more and more exciting and innovative projects prevail on the market and create a difference.
I wish you a lot of fun listening to my podcast!

by Sina Helmke


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